LG Times Square Billboard


The Good News Billboard – a very exciting project for LG in New York (with North Kingdom and Y&R).

Instead of doing what everyone else is doing in Times Square (rolling video), LG decided to use their huge 84 feet high LED billboard to host a dynamic and interactive character named Gil.

His role is to spread good news in Times Square in the form of tweets, SMS messages, RSS and later other media. People in Times Square are able to interact by sending SMS messages or Tweets to the board.

In order to ensure that all content falls under the category of good news, a moderation company was hired to moderate every message entering the system.

To make this possible, we built a special content management system. As it was tailor-made for this specific purpose, the moderators were quite excited about its ease of use.

Our team worked mostly in Slovenia, and we spent the last three weeks before launch in New York finalizing the details.

It was by no means an easy ride, but in the end, we are happy with the results, and we managed to pull off an amazing launch!

It was great being part of such a fantastic project!

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